Basic things to keep in mind while selecting stocks

Feb 13, 2021 | 1 min Read

✅ Do fundamental analysis of a stock-study about the company, analyse there financial ratios,financial reports of the company like balance sheet,profit and loss sheet ,cash flow,dividend payout ratio, return on equity, net profit margin etc. ✅ Study the Debt of the company ✅ Know about the competitors- Can the company compete with its competitors. ✅ Market does not price the securities- the movement of prices does not tell us anything about the intrinsic value of stocks. ✅ Check the Piotroski’s Score -The Piotroski Score is a ranking between zero and nine that incorporates nine factors that speak to a firm's financial strength. If a company has a score of eight or nine, it is considered a good value. Start investment in Smart Investment Products. Reduce the uncertainity of stock market. Let your money work for you!