Stock Market is Unpredictable ,Experts are no God

Feb 25, 2021 | 1 min Read

Market is volatile each time market turned toward new direction. Volatility means sudden ups and down in the market that affect share prices and market demand. Stock market is unpredictable because of that volatility. No one can predict exactly anything regarding stock market. The stock market has millions of investors. When the stock of high returns is predicted, the stock attracts more buyers. It increases the demand in demand-supply equilibrium. This increases the normal price. Like any consumer, when the price reaches a certain extent and cross it, demand will go down. It also decreases its value. When the value goes down, people will sell it. When sellers increase, the supply side in the demand-supply equilibrium increase. This cycle goes like this, making it impossible to predict. Start investment in Smart Investment Products. Reduce the uncertainity of stock market. Let money work for you.