Why Us

Why choose RoboCapital?

Specialist at Work, High quality advice

Our founding team has impeccable professional track record and our team has combined experience of more than 100 man years in financial services sector. Meet our founding team here.Our high quality advice is based on some of the finest financial models in the world including Nobel prize winning assets construction model from Harry Markowitz and various other lead indicators.

Deep understanding of markets

Our founding and management team has worked for 2 decades in almost of facets of financial markets. Starting at Junior roles of writing research reports, interviewing management of top companies to finally running businesses of large companies in leadership roles. Apart from this, Team has successfully invested in the markets for over 25 years in personal capacity. They have endured and succeeded throughout various bull-bear market cycles including events.

Long term outlook

We prefer to protect the wealth first and aim to enhance the return when the first rule is satisfied. We do not chase market fad, instead design assets suitable to your risk appetite, life style and investment behaviour. We are in for a long term and if you are looking to make a quick buck in the market, we may not be the right fit for you.

Compounding! Compounding! Compounding!

We are always aiming to compound our clients wealth at the higher multiple. A monthly contribution of just Rs5000 at 15% ROI for 53 years will deliver a assets of well in excess of Rs 100 Crores. Difficult but not impossible. Most people know Warren Buffet as the richest investor in the world with a networth of about $80 billion dollars ( yes that's Wealth of Rs 5,200,000,000,000). What most people do not know is that 99% of his wealth was generated after his age of 50 years. You still have time on your hands :-)